Tony Srouji, Musician

Throughout my life as early as I can remember, music of the 60s mainly the Beatles grabbed me. My parents noticed this fascination and in 1970 on my 8th birthday they bought an acoustic guitar for me, including an audiovisual guitar method and I began my journey. It was simple at first; the sound of the guitar was enough to keep me occupied for hours. Later I discovered the music of Cat Stevens in particular and many artists of the 70s, which opened new doorways revealing many puzzles to be solved. This wasn’t a game for me, however, but a path that I felt compelled to follow. Guitar, jazz, orchestral music, composition, arranging and improvisation all became my passion and my world.

Below, Tony Srouji at the age of 11 in 1973, and in a performance in 1982 at Le Bistro on Mount Royal street in Montreal.

Tony Srouji at the age of 11 in 1973. Tony Srouji - A performance in 1982